About Us

I am by degree an Electrical Engineer.  However, in 1999 I started a small custom picture framing business with the intention of carving out a niche that would allow me to apply my business skills, and express myself creatively from my Huntington Woods home.


We engineers love tools, so I spent the next several years expanding my home-based workshop.  As a result, Distinctive Framing is equipped for traditional framing but also enjoys a full woodworking shop, allowing us to execute creative solutions to our customers many needs.  The next steps focused on networking, selecting suppliers and building a clientelle.  



Today, Distinctive Framing is a thriving home-based framing business 

serving corporate and individual clients by appointment.   


Jill Plamper

Owner, Distinctive Framing, LLC

Member, Professional Picture Framing Association

Member, Inforum Michigan